Among my other talents, I am also a voiceover artist! I enjoy working on a variety of different mediums using my voice. Whether it be ADR, animation, audiobooks, or video games, I love using my microphone and skills to bring unique voices to those projects. Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope to one day provide my voice to whatever vision you might have!

As a child, I always loved the stories and inspiring performances from the cartoons I would watch, and one day wanted to inspire people in the same way. Then, on a whim, I decided to try my hand at an open audition held by BangZoom at Anime Central in Rosemont, Illinois...
My ACEN Open Audition Journey
I went in, with no training and no experience, only looking to have a good time. I didn’t expect to go far, but I performed my best and somehow managed to win the entire thing! I never thought voice acting was a possible career choice until that moment, and now I aim to become an actor who will inspire others as others have inspired me!
When I am not recording, I enjoy the arts in other ways, such as writing, making games (some of which you can see on this site), playing games (video or tabletop), building model kits, and doing all of the above with my friends and family.
ADR and Anime Dubbing
With my first role being an ADR session, it was quite a jarring experience. I had a natural ability to perform ADR, as I learned during the audition, but to perform in the booth was a much different experience! However, after a first performance for “My Love Story with Yamada-San at LV999”, I quickly picked up the process, and went on to perform in “Zom100: Bucket List of the Dead” in the same weekend! I am ready and equipped to perform ADR, whether it be in the comfort of my own home, or the walls of your own studio!
Here you can see my voice at work in ADR, as extra characters in “My Love Story with Yamada-San at LV999”, and as a man fearlessly holding up a door in “Zom100: Bucket List of the Dead”, as well as my very own Zombie in the second episode!
Ever since my time at BangZoom, I have used my voice in more titles across various different mediums. I have received training from numerous industry professionals, and grown as an actor in many ways since my first shot in the industry. I am ready to bring your next project to life, no matter what it may be!

On the right, you will see my resume! It will show you the studio-quality setup I have for your projects, as well as the many extra skills I might also be able to contribute to them!

Interested in seeing your project added to this resume? Contact me through the link at the top, and lets talk!
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